Booster clubs and charities are invited to use the Auto Spa self serve bays to conduct scheduled and prearranged fundraising activities.  The Auto Spa will provide all car wash equipment and supplies and the charity/booster club keeps 100% of the proceeds. 

Before the event we require the Booster club/charity to pre-sell tickets.  Limit ticket sales to 8 tickets per volunteer, so a team of 12 can sell up to 96 tickets.  Suggested price is $10.  If you have more volunteers the maximum pre-sold ticket limit is 120 (a guaranteed $1200 for your organization).

The ticket should clearly state the name of your organization, the date and time of the event and that the ticket is redeemable rain or shine for that time and date only.  Please be sure everyone selling tickets clearly expresses this.  No one is happy when they come later in the day and find the car wash over.  All fundraising car washes are from9 to noon on a prearranged and scheduled Sunday.  Arrive 15 minutes before the event for training and set up.  Stay 15 minutes after for clean up.

Please make four posters advertising your event and attach to A board signs at the entrance to the car wash.  This helps our regular customers to understand what is going on and perhaps bring in more cars for your fundraiser.  (We have A boards if needed-you still need posters made ahead of time)

The Auto Spa staff will conduct a brief safety and car washing techniques training before the event begins.  All volunteers should arrive to 8:45 and park off site.  Be sure that everyone wears clothing and shoes that are comfortable and suitable for getting wet and dirty.  We also require at least two adult volunteers from your organization to help direct traffic and rinse cars and handle tickets and money.

The Auto Spa is pleased to be able to support youth and the community while protecting the environment by keeping carwash wastewater out of Lake Washington.  Have fun, be safe and do a good car wash!


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